Re-size and Pin Icons in Windows 7

icon size in Windows 7

Desktop icons can either be a blessing or a curse to computer users. If your desktop is a kaleidoscope of coloful shotcuts, you certainly have issues controlling your icons. Remember, you are the boss of icons, not the other way around. If you feel you are being bullied by these desktop graphics, these tips will help you take control of your cyber workspace.

Delete All of Your Icons

Sometimes you have to eat the baby to move on. In this case, a great place to start is by deleting every single icon that is cluttering your desktop. If you frequently experience separation anxiety, you can choose to create a new folder and copy all of the icons into that space. With your Desktop completely clear, you can begin with your new strategy.

Resize Icons in Windows 7

If you simply insist on having a dozen icons on your desktop, the very least you can do is re-size them. If you only have a couple, you can make them larger. To adjust the size of your icons in Windows 7, simply right-click the Desktop and select View. You can then choose between three different sizes of icons. Depending on how many icons you keep, you can adjust the size to fit them.

icon size in Windows 7

Pin Icons to the Taskbar and Start Menu

Another nifty trick in Windows 7 is the ability to pin an icon directly to the taskbar or the Start menu. You should only do this with programs you use frequently. To do so, right-click an icon and select either “Pin to taskbar” or “Pin to Start Menu.” While this gives you easy access to the programs you use on a normal basis, it also serves to keep your desktop clear of clutter.

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