Schedule Disk Cleanup in Windows 7

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Schedule Disk Cleanup in Windows 7 as part of general Windows maintenance to avoid eventual slowdown or corruption of your computer. You should consider setting it up as a scheduled task instead. This is especially beneficial if you leave your PC on all night. This tutorial will show you the steps to set up automated Disk Cleanup in Windows 7.

How To Schedule Disk Cleanup in Windows 7

To begin, click the start button and type task scheduler in the run box. You can also get there via the control panel, System and Security, then Administrative Tools.

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Next, click Action from the menu and then click Create Basic Task. This will open the Create Basic Task Wizard. Next, type a name for the scheduled event, such as Disk Cleanup, and then click Next. We will then be able to select how often you want to run the scheduled task. For Disk Cleanup, weekly will be fine. You can also select a time when you know your computer will not be in use, such as in the middle of the night.

You will be able to select an action to associate with the scheduler. In this case we will be launching a program, so we will select Start a Program.

create a basic task

Once you select Start a Program, click Next and then click the Browse button. In the run box, type C:Windowssystem32cleanmgr.exe and then click Open, then Next. Click Finish to complete the scheduler.

This will launch the Disk Cleanup Utility at the time when you specified. But Disk Cleanup requires some interaction from you in order to select what do remove. You can avoid this with a couple extra steps. Go to the Start button and type cmd and hit OK. At the command prompt, type cleanmgr.exe sageset:1 and hit enter. The Disk Cleanup utility will run. Make your selections and hit OK. This will save the settings you want to use during the task scheduler.


Lastly, you will want to add an argument to the schedule you previously created. In the section where you browse for the program you want to launch, you will want to add /sagerun:1.

Schedule Disk Cleanup in Windows 7

Once you add this argument, it will remember the options you selected when you ran Disk Cleanup via the command prompt. This way you will not need to interact with Disk Cleanup at all and it will run automatically during the night.

Why Schedule Disk Cleanup in Windows 7

Schedule Disk Cleanup in Windows 7 will help you remove temp files, items in the Recycle Bin and other files you no longer need on your computer that might be bogging the PC down. In addition to Disk Cleanup, you should also run the Disk Checking Utility weekly and Disk Defragmenter monthly. Running those three utilities on a routine basis will help your computer run faster. Automating them will help you make sure they get taken care of without putting any additional burden on you. If you have questions on how to schedule disk cleanup in Windows 7, join our free forums and ask.

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