Schedule SyncToy in Windows 7 To Automatically Sync Folders

This tutorial will explain how to schedule Sync Toy in Windows 7. SyncToy 2.1 is the latest version of Microsoft’s file synchronization software. While some prefer to use RoboCopy, SyncToy has a simple and easy to configure interface that is perfect for home users that want to backup their data to another drive or computer. You can also schedule SyncToy with the Windows Scheduler, so your backup jobs run at a specified time each day or week.

Download SyncToy 2.1 and install it on your computer.

Schedule SyncToy in Windows 7

Next, create your Left and Right folders. Left means copying files from HERE and right means putting files THERE. You will have the following options to control how you sync your folders: You can Synchronize, which means files changed on either side will update the other side. You can Echo, which means files will be copied and updated left to right, and Contribute–which means anything deleted on the let will not be deleted on the right.

If you have a huge Network Attached Storage (NAS) you might want to select Contribute as your backup method, as you probably want to keep everything, no matter what accidentally gets deleted on your main computer.

Schedule SyncToy In Windows 7 to Run Automatically

Probably the one drawback to using SyncToy is that it doesn’t have a built-in scheduler. You will need to use the Windows Task Scheduler to set up your backups. To do this, navigate to Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Task Scheduler and click the Add Basic Task. Give it a name, select a scheduling method, then browse to the SynToy folder located in the Programs folder of the C drive and select SyncToyCmd.exe file. The path will appear in the Task Scheduler pane. You will need to modify that path so that it reads “”C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.1” -R and then click Next.

Schedule SyncToy in Windows 7

Schedule SyncToy in Windows 7 will automate the process of syncing files. If you have questions, please visit our computer repair forums and ask.

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