Screen Display Is Upside Down Fix In Windows

Screen Display Is Upside Down

If your screen display is upside down, you are either the recipient of a prank or have accidentally performed a keystroke that has rotated your display. Not all versions of Windows are capable of performing a screen rotation by default, but most Professional versions and higher will have that ability. While some may consider this a strange customization, it’s actually quite useful since many modern monitors have the ability to rotate their physical screen. Therefore, the grouping and configuration of your workspace is limitless.

Screen Display Is Upside Down Fix

Depending on your version of Windows, and even the type of video card software you have installed, the method of rotating Windows will vary. The screen display is upside down issue can sometimes be corrected by using the shortcut key stroke CTRL + Alt + the UP arrow, and in other cases you can access the rotate feature via the Display options in Windows. In Windows 7, go to Start, Control Panel and then do the following:

Screen Display Is Upside Down

Click on the Appearance and Personalization link.

Screen Display Is Upside Down

Next, click Display. Then in the left column, click the Resolution link.

rotate monitor

You will then see the various resolution and display options available to you. If your Windows version supports it, you will also be able to click the drop-down options for Orientation. Under these settings, you will see the option for Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (flipped) and Portrait (flipped). The default option should be Landscape. If the screen display is upside down, it’s likely the option for Landscape (flipped) has been selected.

Screen Display Is Upside Down Conclusion

If your screen display is still upside down despite these suggestions, please feel free to join our free forums or read our other Windows tutorials. This problem can still be associated with Windows software or a setting in the monitor itself. If you have installed a video card, you can also select the options in the new video card’s advanced display options to fix this.

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