Setup Parental Controls In Windows 7

setup parental controls

If you’re concerned about online safety for your child, you’ll want to take a moment and setup parental controls in Windows 7. The Internet has become such an integral part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, there is no regulation on content, so your children can inadvertently find themselves on some of the most dangerous and vile websites on the Internet with a couple accidental keystrokes or mouse clocks. Windows 7 and Windows Live Essentials make it easy to setup and monitor your child’s account.

Monitor A Child’s Account

setup parental controlsYou will first need to setup a standard user account for your child by going to the control panel and clicking on User Accounts and Family Safely. Choose the Setup Parental Controls For Any User option–you can create the account from within that section even if you have not previously done so.

To create an account, choose Create a New Account under the Users section.This will automatically create a standard user account that is monitored by Family Safety. You can click the account to setup website restrictions, time restrictions and other behaviors.

You can setup addition online restrictions by clicking the Windows Live Family Safely link at the bottom of the Window in your child’s user account. This will take you to the Windows Live Family Safety website, where you can monitor what sites your child has been going to, as well as the social networking options.

parental controls windows 7

Under the Web Filtering link you’ll find a convenient slider that allows you to make global changes to the account. Under Contact Management, you can setup who your child is allowed to communicate with via email or chat.

parental control options

There are a plethora of settings you can tweak to protect and monitor your child online. Setting up parental controls in the past was always difficult and hard to administer. Windows 7 makes it a completely trivial task, so take a moment to set this up for your kids. You’ll feel better knowing they can enjoy the computer and surf online in safety. As a reminder, though, this does not replace good parenting. For this to be effective, you’ll constantly want to monitor your child’s online activity and make tweaks to the parental controls when necessary.

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