Share Files Using The Public Folder

share folder

The Public Folder located in C:Users>Public in Windows 7 is a great way to share files between users that have different accounts on the PC. While it is easy to setup other share folders, this default method of giving access to pictures, music, movies and documents is convenient and doesn’t require any additional configuration through different user accounts. All you need to do is drag and drop files into the Public share and it will be visible to other accounts on the PC.

How To Access The Public Folder in Windows 7

You can easily navigate to the Public share folder by going to Start, then Documents. In the Navigation pane, under Favorite Links, click Public. Keep in mind you can share any folder over the computer or on the network by right-clicking it and selecting “sharing.” The Public folder can be used for anything, but you may want to consider using other methods to share files over the network, as you may not want to give everyone on the network access to files in that folder.

share folder

This will help you share files on your LAN with other Windows machines and other computers that run different Operating Systems. But if you want to share and sync files online with other users, we recommend using a service like Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to create an account and invite others to share access to folders within that account. They have both a free and paid version if you need more space.

So use the Public folder in Windows to share files locally and use Dropbox online to share and sync files with friends, relatives and colleagues. Having a folder specifically to share enables you to help secure the rest of your computer and increase security. The Public folder in Vista and Windows 7 makes sharing easy. Give it a try. Share your music, videos and documents using the Public folder and let us know what you think.

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