No Sound On Computer

soundcard in device manager

No sound on computer? This problem can be caused by a hardware malfunction, a software update or a simple misconfiguration. No sound on computer can be fixed by troubleshooting several things in Windows 7.

You want to start with the obvious things. Check cables, check to make sure the volume is up, and also make sure the system is not muted. In addition, some speaker systems will have an On/Off button on the speaker itself or one built into the power line. Make sure everything is physically installed properly. Once you do that, you can now continue to troubleshootno sound on computer issues by checking your Windows settings.

How To Check No Sound On Computer In Windows 7

The fist thing you need to do is make sure the sound card is recognized in the Device Manager and not reporting any errors.

  • Click Start>Control Panel>System and Security>System and then select Device Manager.
  • Scroll down and double-click the Sound, Video and Game Controller link.
  • Your sound card should be listed here and not have any errors associated with it, such as a yellow question mark. If there is a yellow question mark, right-click the sound card and select Properties. On the General tab, under the Device Status box, you should see an error message. The error should give you a hint as to how to resolve the issue.

No Sound On Computer

In the example above the integrated sound card is listed and not showing any signs of malfunction. If there were a red “x” over the name, this would indicate the computer sound card is disabled. To enable it, right-click the sound card and select enable.

You can also try rolling back the driver. If an automatic system update caused the driver to become corrupt, you can roll-back the driver to its previous version. To do this, go back into the Device Manager and expand the sound card again.

roll back the driver for your sound card

Next, right-click the sound card and select Properties. Under the Driver tab, select Roll Back Driver. You will be prompted with a warning asking you if you want to continue. Select Yes.

Automatic Fix For No Sound On Computer

If you continue to have no sound on computer and cannot resolve it, you can try the Microsoft Fit-It page to have Microsoft search for a resolution and automatically fix your computer sound. Follow the link for the Microsoft Fix-It to correct the no sound on computer problem.

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