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Windows 7 is in no way considered a pig. Microsoft went through a lot of trouble making sure they didn’t repeat the same mistakes they made with Windows Vista, which was consider too bloated, too slow and too annoying. To streamline Windows 7, Microsoft left a lot of applications out that were built-in to Windows Vista. They left out Windows Mail, Windows Movie Maker and other applications that are popular to some, but not to others. As a result, Windows 7 is leaner and runs a lot faster. But you can further streamline Windows 7 by turning off even more features you do not use.

Turn Off Unwanted Features in Windows 7

To turn off features in Windows 7 you do not use, simply go to the Start button and type Windows Features. From here, you will be able to check and uncheck the various programs and features you want to run. For instance, if you do not have a tablet PC, why have those features installed? Or if you do not own a DVD burner, why have that capability enabled in the OS?

windows features

You are not actually uninstalling these features. Instead, Windows simply will not load them when you reboot. If you ever want to enabal them again, simply reverse the process and check the box again. So if you’re a user who wants to control how your PC operates, Windows Features is a great way to enable and disable programs, saving memory and other system resources that can help speed up your computer.

These are features that normally belong in the Windows Operating System. If you want to uninstall other programs in Windows 7, you’ll need to do that from the Programs section of the control panel.

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