Test Memory In Windows 7 For Hardware RAM Issues

test memory in windows 7

You can easily test memory in Windows 7 by using the built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic utility. Your RAM is a vital part of Windows. If your RAM is bad, your system will not boot or it will frequently generate BSODs or other errors. While you have always been able to download third-party memory testers, Windows Vista debuted this Memory Diagnostic Tool, making it easy for users to run a test that might have once required a trip to the computer repair shop.

How To Test Memory In Windows 7

There are numerous ways to launch the Memory Diagnostic Utility. The quickest is to go to the Start button and type the word “memory” in the run dialogue box. You will then see the application launch.

You have the option to either restart the system immediately to begin the scan, or to have the scan begin the next time you start the machine. Keep in mind the scan could take quite a while. You might want to run it before stepping out or before going to sleep. When the scan runs, it will display the results in real-time, showing you the progress and the amount of errors that have been detected.

Test Memory In Windows 7

Test Memory In Windows 7 Results

Once the test has completed, the computer will restart and display the results the next time you log into your account. If there were errors detected, you should consider replacing the memory stick, as a bad stick of RAM can ruin your Windows installation or cause Windows to crash and continuously restart. If you have questions on how to test memory In Windows 7 join our free forums and one of our techs will help.

New RAM can be purchased at most computer repair shops or online. Sites like Crucial.com can help you determine what RAM to buy. When you install the new RAM, Test Memory In Windows 7 again to ensure it is good.

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