Connect To Windows 7 Homegroup Troubleshooting Errors

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Occasionally, you Can’t Connect To Windows 7 Homegroup and share files with other PCs. A Homegroup is a Windows 7 network scheme that helps users running the Windows 7 Operating System easily connect to each other and share pictures, videos, printers and documents. It works by having a user setup a Homegroup, and then use a password generated by Windows to allow the other computers to connect. Gone are the days of having to type in complicated IP addresses or create and connect to shared folders. Windows 7 simplifies this with Homegroups.

Can’t Connect To Windows 7 Homegroup

Unfortunately, Homegroups doesn’t always work. There can be network issues and configuration problems that prevent your computer from creating or joining a Homegroup.

Connect To Windows 7 HomegroupIf you can’t connect to Homegroup,  go to Start and type Homegroup in the search bar. Click on the Homegroup link that appears in the search results.  If someone has created a Homegroup you can click the Join button and type in the password the host computer has generated, or you can create a Homegroup if one doesn’t already exist.

If, however, you receive the error message “This computer can’t connect to Windows 7 homegroup,” you have to change the network location to Home. To do this, go to the Control Panel and click on Network and Internet, and then click on Network and Sharing. In the View your active networks area, click the link below the top option. It might say  Public. Change your network location to Home in order to connect to the Homegroup.

Can't Connect To HomegroupClick on the Home option to change your network location. You should now be able to see the Homegroup that has been created by another computer.

Next, click the Join button and then put in the password generated by the host computer. This password needs to be typed into every Windows 7 computer that wants to join the Homegroup. If there are other Operating Systems on the network, they will need to share files via the Public folder in Windows or setup shares in the traditional manner and map these network locations accordingly.

Computer can't connect to a homegroup

Successfully Connect To Windows 7 Homegroup

You have now successfully connected to a Homegroup.

You can then choose what you want to share with the other computers in the Homegroup. If you still can’t connect Windows 7 Homegroup join our free forums for additional help.

Watch this video to learn more:

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  1. Hello,

    I’m a new user for win 7 ultimate. I’d like to make a homegroup and shaire all my stuff with the other however for unknown reasons. I found out the homegroup was created by SONY-VAIO <<< this doesn't make sence to me now I'm sure that I haven't made it by myself and I'd like to change this one. by the way, even I cannot join the homegroup tha was made niether to find the password for the homegroup <<<

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