View System Information in Windows 7

You can easily view system information in Windows 7, such as Hardware Resources, Components and Software Environment. This is particularly valuable for technicians to track down conflicts or other valuable information about your PC. You can access this area in Windows 7 by going to the Start button, and then in the search box type msconfig. You will see several tabs, such as General, Boot, Services, Startup and Tools. Click the Tools tab and scroll down until you find System Information, then click Launch.

You can also just type msinfo32 into the Windows search box and then hit enter.

This will bring you to a System Summary box with drop down menus that give you all the a lot of valuable information about your Windows 7 PC. You can get DMA and other memory information, I/O conflicts,hard drive partition data including free space and drive letters, as well as installed printers and their assigned ports.

It’s also a quick and convenient place to get driver version and status of hardware devices on your computer. If you are looking to update your sound card driver, for instance, this is a great place to go to compare versions.

It may also be a benefit for you to print this information out in case you even need access to specific PC data in the future.

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