Windows 7 Action Center

Windows 7 action center

The Windows 7 Action Center is a resource built into Windows 7 that allows the Operating System to perform advanced troubleshooting on your hardware and software. The Action Center is also a place to keep you aware of pending issues, such as performing virus scans and backing up your PC. But it is the troubleshooting section that empowers computer users to diagnose and fix problems with the computer without having to take their PCs to an expensive repair shop.

Windows 7 Troubleshooting With Windows 7 Action Center

You can access the Windows 7 Action Center by clicking the start button and typing Action Center and hitting enter. You can also get to it by navigating to the Control Panel, then System and Security. Once in the Action Center, look for the Troubleshooting link and then click View All.

Windows 7 action center

Windows will then compile a list of local and online troubleshooting tools and break them down by category. For instance, if you’re having issues with your DVD drive, you can select the Playing and Burning CDs,DVD and Blu Ray Disks link ad it will go online and get the latest tools to help you work through this issue.

Windows 7 action center

Windows 7 Action Center Conclusion

The Windows 7 Action Center is a great place to find quick fixes for all of your computer hardware and software problems. While Windows XP had a solutions center, the Windows 7 Action Center in Windows 7 goes far beyond providing guides and troubleshooting tips. It is an interactive utility that works with you to fix your computer.

So before you decide to lug your computer into the repair shop, be sure to consult the Windows 7 Action Center first and let it help you fix the problem yourself. If you need additional help with your computer, be sure to visit our computer repair forums and we can help you troubleshoot the problem with your computer.

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