Windows 7 Does Not Shut Down Properly


If Windows 7 does not shut down properly and hangs until you are forced to shut it down using the power button, then you’ll need to figure out which program is not closing properly. This can happen after an update, after a virus infection, or for no apparent reason at all.

Once you have scanned and rule out a malware infection, you can start the process of elimination to determine what program or service is causing your computer to hang at the shut down screen.

Steps To Fix Windows 7 Does Not Shut Down

Disable Start-up Programs in Windows 7

Part of determining what program is preventing your computer from shutting down properly is preventing programs from starting up in the first place. You can quickly make the determination that it is one of those start-up programs by turning them off using the Microsoft Configuration Utility. Go to the Start button and type msconfig in the search box. You will see several tabs. Click the Services tab and check the box that says Hide Microsoft Services. Next, disable the remaining services and then click OK.

Next, click the Start-up tab and disable any programs you recognize do not need to run. You will need to click OK, then reboot your machine for the changes to take effect. You can then try shutting down normally. If the PC shuts down, enable several of the services and programs at a time until you find the one that is causing the problem. Once you find the culprit, see if there is a Windows Update or a product update that will fix the issue. If it’s something you do not need or use, consider uninstalling the program.

Windows 7 Does Not Shut Down Resolution

If you continue to have problems and Windows 7 does not shut down properly, comment below and we’ll try and help.

18 thoughts on “Windows 7 Does Not Shut Down Properly”

  1. Hi

    Done what you suggested and have renabled everything and laptop shuts down perfect now so there must have been a hangup some where. Been over a year try to get it to shutdown so thanks for this article


  2. Rosemary Tarenskeen

    I started to follow your directions as I have this problem, but I only got as far as typing in msconfig and the computer shut down right then and there and when I re-booted it did so normally. It was like magic.

  3. when i did the instruction and restart. the dialog box said system configuration cannot restart the computer. why is that? help me to have solution to that problem.tnx.. need it asap

  4. Many, many thanks. I had found several variations on this, but your’s was the clearest.

    I followed what you said and my little Win7 netbook is very happy bunny again. Startup had loads of Adobe and non essentials set to run. Disabling them fixed it perfectly, quickly and easily.

  5. Me too…when i did the instruction and restart. the dialog box said system configuration cannot restart the computer. why is that? help me to have solution to that problem.tnx.. need it asap

  6. Hi
    I Have read your answer but with my screen it only shows Logging Off in the centre of the screen and along the bottom line
    Windows 7 Home Premium nothing else can be seen on the desktop
    so hence i cannot even see the start button
    any assistance would be appreciated

    Regards Frank

  7. Hi sir ,
    i today itself got this problem , when i click on shut down my computer does not show anythin , dont even show logoff screen , i am very frust by this . .
    Today i uninstald some programmes and during uninstallation through a software that software asked me to make a backup restrore and i did so then after uninstaling backup was created and pc not shut down and when i try to restore my pc not able to restore , what shall i do please help

  8. I’m having same problems that pc will not shut down and when I try to run maleware it freezes up after a couple of minutes. I’m not a computer person so please make it simple to understand. Thanks, Will

  9. simple and effective! Thank you so much for this 2 year old solution.
    the culprit on mine is the broadcom wireless LAN. i’ll try to update the driver or revert to an old one. =)

  10. haha.. done all that (as suggested)
    you then say.. reboot your machine

    nup, nope, nyet.. cannot do that!
    Cannot log off, hibernate, restart… shutdown

    Windows just sits there. Next?… pull the battery out?

    1. While I do not often recommend doing so, you can hold the power button down for about ten seconds. The computer should shut off. Make sure all programs are closed. You can even go into task manager by hitting CTRL ALT DEL and force close any background programs before doing the hard shutdown. Restart the computer afterwards and immediately try rebooting and see if it is OK at this point. Good luck.

  11. Ctrl Alt del = no response from the laptop
    it was hold the Power button down.

    waited 30 secs for drive light to go out….and then restarted the laptop.

    Wait.. what is this?
    Win7 Update (for Service stack update I later found out) starts installing
    and finishes off installing/updating

    now, the laptop starts/shuts down normally (once the update finished installing)

    Win7 Service stack update known to cause problems…?

  12. Dakota Fornuts

    I’m running Win7 Pro 64-bit & tried everything listed here & nothing worked. I booted from a LINUX flash drive & had the same problem. That told me it was a BIOS issue so I removed the battery, moved the reset jumper & powered up the computer. Shut it down, moved the jumper back, replaced the battery, rebooted & POOF, problem solved.

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