Windows 7 Performance Monitor

Windows 7 Performance Monitor

The Windows 7 Performance Monitor is a utility that provides a system health check for your PC. This report could reveal potential problems with your computer you didn’t know existed, and provides detailed information about the hardware and software resources running on your machine. You should run the Resource and Performance Monitor occasionally to ensure your computer is running at optimal condition.

Run The Windows 7 Performance Monitor

You can initiate the Windows 7 Performance Monitor utility by doing to the following:

Windows 7 Performance Monitor

Go to the Start button and type perform / report in the search box.

Windows 7 Performance Monitor scan

The scan will run for a few minutes as it gathers details about your computer. It will be looking at several important hardware and software factors, including:

  • Diagnostic Results
  • Software Configuration
  • Hardware Configuration
  • CPU
  • Network
  • Disk
  • Memory

Once the Windows 7 Performance Monitor is finished scanning, it will present its report. You can expand the various sections to reveal the details of the report and resolve any problems that might be listed in the results. Particularly useful are the hardware and security checks that could be problems for your PC that don’t immediately manifest.

Windows 7 Performance Monitor results

Windows 7 Performance Monitor Conclusion

The Windows 7 Performance Monitor contains a lot of information that will not be useful to the average computer user, but it does group the results together in a logical report that exposes problems and detailed information about your PC you might not have known, such as bottlenecks in your hardware that might be affecting performance in the Resource Overview category or problems with your malware protection in the Security category.

The report should be run quarterly to give your PC the checkup it needs to continue running properly for a long time.

If you have questions about your computer’s performance, or if you need help running the Windows 7 Performance Monitor, join our free forums and ask. Or read our other informative Windows 7 tutorials.

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