Windows 7 Startup Repair To Automatically Fix Boot Problems

windows 7 startup repair

Boot problems can sometimes be impossible to diagnose and troubleshoot. It is often easier to reinstall the Operating System than to take the time to track down corrupt files or spend time running the repair option from the installation CD. Windows Vista provides an automated Startup Repair tool to diagnose and recover systems that will not boot, but the tool requires extra steps if the operating system is on a different partition. Windows 7 startup repair simplifies the process.

How To Use Startup Repair Utility

Windows automatically installs the Windows 7 Repair tool onto the partition where the OS resides, so you’ll always have access to it. If your system fails to boot properly, Windows 7 automatically loads Startup Repair and scans your PC for issues (such as corrupt registry and system files or an invalid Boot Configuration Database), then repairs these files whenever possible. The system then reboots, as normal, and hopefully restarts without any issues.

Boot To The Microsoft Windows Install Disk To Begin The Proceedure

If you have the Windows 7 Installation disk, you can also boot to the disk and run the repair tool. To do this, make sure your BIOS is set to boot to the Optical drive, then insert the disk and restart the system. You will likely be prompted to “press any key” to boot to the CD.

When the installation CD loads, select the language you want to use and then click Next. You will then see an Install Now button in the center of the screen. Ignore that and look at the other options–one of which will be Repair Your Computer.

startup repair option in WIndows 7 to fix your computer's boot problems in Windows

This will bring up several tools, such as Startup Repair, System Restore, Windows Complete PC Restore, the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and an option to go to a Command Prompt.

windows 7 startup repair

Choose Startup Repair and it will scan your system for corrupt or missing files that are preventing your Windows 7 computer from booting normally. The computer will then restart and, hopefully, boot normally into the Windows environment.

As a reminder, it is important to make System restore points and backup your data regularly, as this option will not work if you have a hardware problem and need to buy another hard drive. But the Windows 7 startup repair utility is an easy way to fix boot issues with your windows computer.

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