If you’re new to Windows 7, you probably have just realized there is no email client pre-installed in the Operating System. If you use Outlook Express or Windows Mail, you will need to upgrade to the new Windows Live Mail. Once you download Windows Live Mail, you will be able to import your old email into it, so make sure you export your email and contacts from Outlook Express or Windows Mail.

So what exactly is Windows Live Mail? Windows Live Mail is a Desktop client you download that allows you to retrieve your email from any computer you have it installed on. So if you use it at the office, you can go home and access that same email system when you get home. Windows Live Mail allows you to work offline, and once online it will download new email and send any messages you have in your outbox.

Windows Live Mail is part of Windows Live Essentials, which includes other popular Live programs such as Messenger, Movie Maker and Photo Gallery. These Essentials are part of Microsoft’s cloud computing initiative, and as with Windows Live mail, allows your documents to be retrieved from any computer anywhere in the world.

Additional benefits to using the Windows Live Email system is that you’ll be able to access other online email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. It also makes it easy to send pictures. For instance, when you send images to a friend it will only send a small thumbnail. If they click the thumbnail, they will then get the full resolution version. These features all make Windows Live Mail a great desktop client with the convenience of an online service. If you’re interested in syncing your calendar, contacts and email, then give Windows Live Mail a try.