Best Windows 8 Keyboard With Hotkeys and A Touchpad


Keyboards are not all created equal. Especially when using a touchy-feely Operating System like Windows 8. The best Windows 8 keyboard is one that has either an integrated touchpad or Windows 8 hot keys. The following are from Logitech and are great Windows 8 keyboards.

Our Picks For The Best Windows 8 Keyboards

Our pick for the best Windows 8 keyboard is the Logitech Illuminated K810 keyboard. While you can also pair the keyboard with iOS and Android devices, it handles the Windows 8 Operating System very well. The Windows 8 Start key provides an effortless way to get back to your start screen, and the App Switching FN key allows you to quickly toggle between your open apps.

windows 8 keyboard

We also like it because it’s stylish. The brushed-aluminum finish matches the finish of high-end ultrabooks and tablets. It’s compact in size and does not require a dongle to connect to devices. If your computer has bluetooth, you will have no issue paring up to the keyboard.

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Our second choice for the best Windows 8 keyboard is the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400. We like this keyboard because it has an integrated touchpad that makes it easy to swipe, pinch and scroll though Windows 8 as if you were using a touch screen. The only drawback of this keyboard is its design. It’s a little too small and “feels” cheap because it’s made with lightweight plastic. Aside from that, this makes a wonderful Windows 8 keyboard.

logitech Windows 8 keyboard

Read more about the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 here.

Windows 8 Keyboards Concluded

So the best Windows 8 keyboard for you should eliminate some of the more frustrating aspects of Windows 8–such as getting back to the Start screen, switching between apps or using the various Windows 8 gestures. The trackpad on the Logitech K400 is great for this. So, if you don’t want to invest in a touchscreen for your Windows 8 computer, try one of these keyboards to enhance your Windows 8 experience.

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