Windows 8 Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the PCTechBytes Windows 8 Cheat sheet. We will update this page frequently as we discover new ways to enhance your Windows 8 experience.

Show Administrative Tools in Metro

Admin tiles are turned off by default. To display these helpful tools, hit the Windows key+C to open the menu while in Metro. Choose Settings. Under the Tiles menu, toggle the switch to Show Administrative Tools. Admin tiles will now be placed on the Metro start screen.


Refresh Windows 8

If Windows 8 is not running well, you can opt to refresh it. To do so, hit the Win+C keys to bring up the charms menu. Select Settings, and then Change PC Settings. Under the General menu, choose Refresh Your PC Settings Without Affecting Your Files.


Reset Your PC

Unlike with Refresh, Windows 8 allows you to revert the system back to a new, clean install. All of your data will be wiped, so be sure to backup.

To reset your PC, hit the Win + C keys, and then click on the Settings charm. Click the link to Change PC Settings. Under the General menu, select Remove Everything And Reinstall Windows.


Windows 8 God Mode

Open file Explorer (Win Key + E), Click view and make sure the Hidden Items box is checked. On the Desktop, right-click and create a new folder. Rename the folder GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Once done the icon should change. You should now have easy access to many administrative tools.

Bring Back The Start Menu

Programs like Start8 (recommended) and Classicshell (free) are needed.

Enter Safe Mode

Boot the computer and hold the shift key while tapping the F8 key. Then select Windows Start-up Settings.

Shortcut Keys

Windows Tools – Win+X

Windows Explorer – Win+E

Settings – Win+W

Search – Win+F

Side Taskbar – Win+Tab

Show Desktop – Win+D

Run Box – Win+R

Cycle Taskbar – Win+T

Take Screenshot (screenshot will go to Pictures folder) Win+Print Screen

Lock Screen – Win+O

Charms – Win+C

Settings Charm – Win+I

Zoom in or Out – Ctrl+scroll mouse wheel or Win+ + and Win+ –

Launch The Windows 8 Task Manager

Windows 8 has a super-charged task manager. To launch it hit CTRL+Shift+ESC.

Other Helpful Windows 8 Tips

Windows 8 Parental Controls

Bypass The Windows 8 Password Screen

If you have Windows 8 tips of your own, feel free to contact us or leave comments below.

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