The Real Reason Why Windows 8 Has Failed

Windows 8 might be the best thing that has ever happened to you in all your computing life. In reality, however, many people consider it a flop. People are clinging to a dying Windows XP or their beloved Windows 7 because there is a thick, greasy funk around Windows 8 and no one wants to be near it. They are not buying new PCs because Windows 8 smells bad. If they do buy a new computer, many are paying extra to have the machine downgraded to Windows 7.

Why Has Windows 8 Failed

  • It’s not because the Graphical User Interface makes you feel stupid.
  • It’s not the lack of a traditional Start button.
  • It’s not because you don’t know how to turn off your PC anymore.
  • It’s not the inability to boot directly to the Desktop.
  • It’s not because you have to swipe away the lock screen in order to get to the log-in screen.
  • It’s not because no one knows what to call the start screen. Is it “The Start Screen,” “Metro,” or “Modern UI?”
  • It’s not because the Internet Explorer on the Desktop is different than the Internet Explorer on the Modern UI.
  • It’s not because Microsoft had the arrogance to turn their backs on millions of users in a failed attempt to dictate the future of desktop computing.
  • It’s not even because Windows 8 is a terrible Operating System–because at its core it’s not.

The real reason Windows 8 has failed is because Microsoft has not gone on the offense to promote its great features. They seem content to let sales remain stagnant until the release of Windows Blue this summer. All we know about Windows Blue is that it will be free. It might or might not bring back the Start button. It might or might not allow you to boot directly to the Desktop. It might or might not make you want to buy a Mac or install Linux once and for all.

Microsoft should be putting out commercials describing how much more faster Widows 8 is than Windows 7. They should be talking about how much more secure it is than previous versions of Windows, or how much easier it is Refresh or Reset your PC when things go wrong. Instead, they’re putting out commercials like the one below.

While I like to jump and flip around as much as any other hipster, I’d rather see commercials describing Windows 8 features. They spend more time flipping, dancing and clicking their keyboards onto the Surface tablet than they do actually showing the positive features of the OS. C’mon Microsoft.

In my opinion, Windows 8 has not failed because of its flaws. Flaws can be patched. It has failed because they’ve done nothing to improve public opinion on their product. As a consumer and PC user, I would love to see them do an ad campaign explaining how they plan to improve the product in the upcoming 8.1 release. I think they still have time to convince users that Windows 8 isn’t just for those that like to dance around in the park.


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