Windows 8 Training Guide

windows 8 training

Windows 8 is a polarizing Operating System. Some people love it, some people despise it. Newcomers struggle how to navigate Windows 8’s confusing Graphical User Interface, can’t figure out how to shut down applications and don’t know where to find the control panel. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Windows 8 Training Guide available from Microsoft?

Well, there is. And Microsoft has done a wonderful job of hiding it.

windows 8 training

Apparently, in May of 2013, Microsoft finally got around to publishing a Windows 8 Training Guide on their website. While it took several months for Microsoft to put this guide up, it is a very helpful resource for users that are new to the Operating System. The Windows 8 Training Guide is also helpful for those of us who have toiled learning how to function normally in an Operating System that is better under the hood than its predecessors but lacking in overall useability.

Get The Windows 8 Training Guide

Download the Windows 8 Training Guide here. The guide covers the following:

How to get back to the Start screen.

How to access the Charms area.

What swiping in from the edges of the screen does.

How to rearrange and create groups.

How to change your settings.

How to use App commands.

How to use two apps at once.

How to tweak the taskbar.

How to use the new file Explorer.

And it Introduces IE 10.

So whether you’re a battle-weary Windows 8 pro or new to the OS, the Windows 8 Training Guide is a definite must-have download. While it would be beneficial if this were bundled with the Operating System, it’s not. So download it and distribute it to anyone you know running Windows 8 or who is thinking about buying a new PC. It is a colorful brochure that is really well done and sure to help anyone using or considering upgrading to Windows 8.

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