Computer Won’t Boot From Disk

You insert the Windows disk in the drive and reboot the computer but your computer won’t boot from disk. If you can’t boot to the Windows disk, or you do not see the message “Press any key to boot from CD,” then these tips could help you resolve that issue. This type of problem is usually hardware or media-related issue that can be corrected.

Computer Won’t Boot From Disk Solution

Computer Won't Boot From DiskNormally, the procedure for booting to the Windows is to go into your system’s BIOS. The process for doing this is different depending on the make and model of your computer. You will often see the proper key to press when you first turn on the computer. You might see a message that says “Press f10 to enter setup.” Once you are in the BIOS, navigate through the menus until you find the Boot Sequence option. Make sure the Optical Drive is set as the first boot device. Otherwise, the hard drive will load the Operating System.

If the optical drive is already setup to boot first, but you still cannot load the Windows installation disk, then you need to make sure you are putting the DVD into a DVD drive and not a CD drive. While a CD can be read in a DVD drive, you’ll need to put the Windows media into a DVD drive for it to be read if the media is DVD.

If you still cannot boot to the Windows disk, check the media for physical damage. Scratches on either side of the disk can prevent the disk from loading.

You will also want to make sure the Windows Installation disk is a genuine copy and not a copy burned onto a disk.

Computer Won’t Boot From Disk Alternative Solution

If none of those options are possible, you can attempt to install Windows via a Flat file installation. To perform this type of setup, you will copy the contents of the installtion disk to a new folder then navigate the the setup.exe file to run the installation. Read more on how to perform a Windows flat file installation from the Windows knowledge base article.

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    1. Try system restore. Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore. Go back t a date preceeding the problem. If that doesn’t work, go to HP and look-up your model and you should be able to find drivers to download.

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