How To Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing In Windows

You can fix BOOTMGR is Missing Press CTRL+Alt+Del to restart error in Windows, but you first need to determine why the BIOS cannot find a bootable drive. This can be caused by hard drive errors, a bad hard drive, or a configuration problem within Windows or the BIOS itself. You will see the following message if the BIOS cannot find a bootable drive when trying to boot your Windows machine:

BOOTMGR is missing

Steps To Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing Error

The following options should help you diagnose and fix BOOTMGR is Missing in Windows 7 error. They are listed from easiest to most difficult, so try to follow these suggestions in order:

  1. Check DVD drive, floppy and USB drive for disks and remove them. Your BIOS might be configured to boot to one of these devices and any disks in those drives could be interfering with the boot process of Windows. If Windows boots, go into the BIOS setup and make the hard drive the first boot device.
  2. Do a Start-up repair. If you have a Windows disk, you can boot to the disk and perform a start-up repair. Put the Windows installation disk in the drive and restart the computer. Click through the options until you see the link to “Repair your computer.” Select your Operating System from the list and then click the option that says “Startup Repair.”
    Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing Error
  3. This should correct the issue. Confirm your BIOS settings are correct and that your hard drive is listed as the Primary Master if this doesn’t work.
  4. Go into the case and confirm the hard drive’s data cable is securely attached. If the cable appears crimped or damaged, replace it.
  5. Unplug any secondary hard drives you may have install.
  6. Update your computer’s BIOS. Check the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer for the latest BIOS version and instructions on how to perform the update.
  7. Try a complete wipe and clean install of the Operating System. You will lose all data on the drive, so be aware of this if you do not have a complete backup of programs and files.
  8. If everything above fails, replace the hard drive with a new drive and install the Operating System.

Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing Error

If none of the steps above helps fix the BOOTMGR is Missing error, be sure to join our forums and let us know. Or post your BOOTMGR is Missing in Windows 7 questions below and we will try and help.

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