Turn Off Computer In Windows 8

It should be easy to turn off your computer in Windows 8, right? It is, if you know what you’re doing. But for those new to the public beta of Windows 8, navigating the new graphical user interface can be alien to lifelong Windows users. Once you learn about the secret trapdoor, however, you can navigate like a pro. We suspect Windows 8 will include some type of tutorial for new users when the RTM version reaches the shelves, or at least provide a more logical area to access the shutdown menu.

The Secret Windows 8 Trapdoor

We refer to the lower right hand corner of the screen as the trapdoor, because it is a secret little place you can access by hovering your mouse over. Even if you know it is there, it is still often difficult to find. To shut down Windows 8 using the secret trapdoor, hover over the extreme bottom right corner of the screen until you see the following menu pop up. This area will be represented by a tiny Zoom icon in the Metro interface.

turn off computer in Windows 8

First, click the Settings icon that will appear in the sidebar that appears. You can now see how obvious it is to shut down Windows 8 and access other Windows 8 settings. Another way to access the shutdown screen in Windows 8 is to click Alt + F4 while on the Metro desktop. Hopefully, Microsoft intends to make this more accessible in the official release. Why not dedicate one of the huge colorful desktop buttons to this task?

Escape Windows Explorer in Windows 8

Just as perplexing as shutting down your computer in Windows 8 is the Windows Explorer screen. There is no logical way to escape the screen if you do not already know about the secret trapdoor we discussed above.

escape Windows explorer in Windows 8

To get out of Windows Explorer mode, place you mouse in the extreme lower right corner of the screen until you see the magical sidebar appear. In Windows Explorer, there is no Zoom icon in the corner. But if you know the location of this secret little wonderland, you can hover the mouse over that spot to reveal the sidebar. Listed in the sidebar region will be a desktop icon. Click that to go back to the Metro interface with the huge colorful buttons.

In conclusion, navigating Windows 8 will undoubtedly be frustrating for many who have not used any other type of Operating System except Windows. Windows 8 is such a deviation from the normal GUI we’re all use to, that performing even the most basic task will be difficult at first. Shutting down Windows 8 is one of the first issues we’ve encountered. In the end, however, many users will come to love it and navigation will no longer be an issue.

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