Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage

If you receive the error Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage there are several things you can try to fix the issue. We first need to decide if the problem is related to your network connectivity, the website, or a problem with your browser. This is why we often recommend users have at least two web browsers on their computer.

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage and Multiple Browsers

First, if you cannot access the Internet at all, follow these instructions: Cannot access the Internet. If you use Internet Explorer and something happens to it, you may not ever be able to get online without reinstalling Windows or doing a system restore. You should also have a secondary user account on the machine just in case, as this gives you the added benefit of having different settings and rights, would could contribute to someone losing their access due to malicious code or accidentally deleting a file they should not have. Lastly, make sure the problem is not specific to that website. It’s possible the site simply might be temporarily down. You should also install a secondary web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox in case IE ever goes down.

Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Other Suggestions

Check Your Proxy Settings – A proxy setting could be causing this error. Start Internet Explorer > Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings>and then check “Automatically detect Settings” and deselect everything else.

Reboot the computer – It’s a little known fact that 99 percent of all strange computer errors can be fixed simply be rebooting the computer. If that doesn’t work, shut the PC completely down for a while then power up to see if the problem still exists. We won’t go into why this works, but it might, so give it a try.

Power Cycle the Network – Shut down the computer, unplug the router and unplug the modem. Power them back on in the reverse order. This will help clear up any IP and DNS problems you might be experiencing.

Check your IP address– Go to Start > Run and type cmd and hit OK. At the prompt, type ipconfig /all and make sure you are getting an IP address local to your network, such as 192.168.x.x and NOT 169.254.x.x. The latter IP address beginning in 169 is a made up IP address Windows uses when it cannot get one from the DHCP server, which is usually your router or Internet Service Provider.

Try A Different Web Browser– If you have a second web browser, such as Firefox, give that a try. If you can connect with the other browser, try resetting your Internet Explorer by opening the browser and going to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab>Restore. You can also try deleting your temp files and refreshing the browser window by hitting the F5 key. But this type of problem is often network related and can be fixed by confirming all connections and IP addresses are correct.

If you still cannot fix the Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage error, join our free computer repair forums for additional help.

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14 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage”

  1. I have the same problem with youtube, it says internet explorer cannot display the webpage. I’ve basically tried everything and thats the only webpage that doesn’t work for me.

  2. Sounds like you have some type of spyware or virus despite having reformatted. Do you have additional drives in that PC that could be infected? If so, remove them until you run the updates. Also, infection could be coming from another computer on your network. Consider removing them from the network until you run your updates. lastly, you might want to go to the microsoft site and download SP3 for XP and burn it to disk. You can then install it on the PC without having to download it.

  3. Try opening IE, then go to Tools, Internet Options and then select the Connections tab. Make sure Never Dial a Connection is ticked. Also, check the LAN settings at the bottom of that window. Walk through the Wizard and it should set IE up per your connection–cable, DSL or Fios. If you have more problems, join our forums.

  4. I also have the internet explorer cannot display web page.. i tried to join your forum ..but there again i cannot access my yahoo account to get the log in info..i can browse any site except the yahoo’s and facebook…tried to get foxfire, but receive the same page…Help

    1. What kind of connection do you have–Cable? Have you scanned for viruses? Other browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Try others if you cannot get to Firefox. Seems like you are only having issues with sites that make you login. Do you have admin rights to the computer? Is the couputer going through a router–maybe bypass that.

  5. I’m working with an HP laptop that appears to have internet issues. Three different browsers will not display webpages (classic IE8 “internet explorer cannot display this page). All checks on the network appear fine and the computer will access and download windows updates. It will not access and download virus scanner updates. I’ve ran two virus scanners and neither have found any viruses. There is a notification sound (I went through the sounds listed for windows and it appears to be the speech recognition “on” and speech recognition “sleep” sounds) that play whenever certain windows are opened and seemingly at will, but there is no regular pattern. I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I’ve tried everything listed in this forum and others to no avail.

  6. Hi. I need help with something. I recently removed the Mmlware AntiVirus System PRO using Malwarebytes. However, now i cannot access any webpages (and i only have Internet Explorer) whatsoever, as I only get the page that says : “Internet Explorer Cannot Display This Webpage,” Please help me out here this is frustrating =[

    1. If you have IE7 or 8 try Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and then scroll down to the bottom and look for the button that resets IE. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to download a program called xpwinsock fix from another PC and run it on yours.

  7. Please help!
    My issue seems to be with ie. I’m running ie 8 and every time i try to open a new link within another webpage or email i get “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” and i see in the new window address “about:blank” and the tab displays “blocked”
    I reset ie to defaults but did not help. When i delete the browsing history, cookies, and Temporary internet files i’m able to browse any page but after accessing a few webpages i get blocked again and the error message displays.


  8. My internet is working perfectly fine, on my Toshiba laptop (wireless attached), and my internet explorer and google chrome webpage cannot display the webpage…so I do not know whats the matter with my computer. I tried to reboot the computer the internet and uninstalled programs I didnt need and it still dont work

  9. Jordan Courchesne

    I’m having the same issue as Stephen is, both IE and Safari do not load the webpage, I’ve gone through internet settings, firewall settings and diagnostics but still cannot resolve the issue. Dell support won’t provide the support without me paying another $150 so I’m stuck without an internet browser.

  10. I had the same issue for a few days and hosed IE completely. Even downloading Opera did not work. I tried to remove Norton Internet Suite by the add remove programs in Vista, it did not work. I removed it through the registry. I also ran check disk (chkdsk) at next boot. Opera is working and connecting now to the internet. Additionally, I can download. All that is left is my sound is still gone.

  11. i recently uninstalled norton antivirus now my internet explorer is blocked as well as chrome. i feel like i have tried everything. i am so frustrated and could use some help. i have a compaq pc running vista . thanks.

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