View System Information In Windows

view system information

There are numerous ways to view information about your computer. You can install programs, you can navigate through complex menus and independently gather specs about your computer, or you can quickly view your computer’s system information right from the Command Line. While the command line might invoke fear in some, it can be used to quickly perform tasks.

View Computer System Information From Command Line

Depending on your version of Windows, you can get to the command line by going to the Start button, then Run and type cmd and hit OK. Or in newer versions of Windows, click the Windows Start button and type cmd in the dialogue box. The command prompt will appear.

Next, type systeminfo and hit enter. You computer will quickly compile all of the important data about your computer and list that information on your screen.

view system information

The systeminfo command will list a lot of helpful information about your computer, such as:

You computer’s name
Operating System
Install Date
BIOS version
Physical Memory
IP Address

This is a great method to document and view system information on multiple computers and keep track of updates and physical hardware for all of the PCs in your house or workplace.

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